Wall Plumbing Mount Overview

Installation is quick and easy, and usually takes 30 seconds or less.

Step by Step Instructions

Before getting started:

  1. Test alarm prior to installation by filling the bottom of the cup with water and wait for alarm - Note: Alarm has a 5 second delay and will beep intermittently for up to 5 days.
  2. Turn off the alarm by emptying water from the cup.
  3. Dry the cup interior by gently dabbing up any remaining water with a paper towel.

Alarm Installation:

  1. Place Drip Drone’s alarm cup underneath the water valve and clip the cup onto the horizontal pipe. Make sure the valve handle is inside the cup.
  2. Pull each rubber strap over the top of valve assembly and secure to the clips on the opposite side.
  3. Enjoy 7 years of fluid leak detection!

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Use Drip Drone™ to identify drips from joints, valves, connections, and supply lines.